How to get your certificate of roadworthiness?

No one wants drivers to be driving around in poorly maintained cars with broken parts. Such vehicles are nothing but a threat on wheels. They undermine the safety of the drivers themselves and everyone else on the streets. Roadworthy certificates (also known as road safety certificates) are required by law as an official document to make…

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Check engine light: What does it mean?

It’s a beautiful day. You’re driving around the town, enjoying the weather, having the time of your life and out of the blue the check engine light pops up. And you have no idea what’s wrong. We’ve all been in such a scenario..right? Well you you need not worry now. In this blog we will…

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Did you get your brakes and clutch tested?

When it comes to brakes and clutch servicing, you can never be too careful. Defective brakes and clutch are one of the leading causes of road accidents. Well-functioning brakes and clutch are vital for the safety of your vehicle, you, and others on the streets. And thus it is necessary to get your brakes and…

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Car Servicing: Frequency and Duration

When it comes to getting the required car service for your automobile, we like to go by the words “a stitch in time, saves nine”. Getting your car serviced at frequent intervals ensures the proper functioning of the vehicle while saving costly repairs in the future and maximizes your safety on the streets. Frequency- Car…

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