Our Team

Sudheer Kumar (Senior Technician)

Hi, I am the director of the company and franchise owner. I have vast experience in Japanese, Euro and American vehicles. I hold the accreditation of Air conditioning License (ARC) and I am Licensed Vehicle Tester for roadworthy inspection in Victoria. My experience in vehicle servicing, repair and maintenance is over 14years ranging from all clutches, brakes and
euro specialist diesel engine performance and so on.

Meena (Service Advisor)

Being half owner Meena works part time as Service Advisor and taking care of accounts. Meena is problem solver, organizer and valued member of our team looking after customer’s concern. Meena will continue to work part time in her other Job in child care industry as she shares strong passion and love for nurturing young children.

Zacchriah Mcginnes

Zac joined our team in February as Apprentice and would like to pursue his career as Motor mechanic in Automotive Industry. Zac is extending his training in Administration and Customer Service as well.

Our Journey Since company start up

Armstrong Creek Motors was established on November 2021 and part of Bosch Car Service Franchise. We are located in the corridor of Armstrong Creek (Grovedale Area) and this workshop serves across Geelong and Surf coast regions. Armstrong Creek Motors provides Service & Maintenance repairs, delivering the service to all makes and models up to 4.5 ton weight vehicles.

The Owners of this service Meena and Sudheer Kumar are partners and have a daughter. After migrating to Australia in 2008 as young student to explore the opportunities, passion and interest in cars directed Sudheer towards the Automotive Industry. After working in Australia for about 15years in Automotive Industry in different dealerships as well as independent workshops and standing out Geelong small business club, this couple started their own business and partnered with Bosch organization.

Robert Bosch Corporation is a global company employing thousands of people in manufacturing around the world and with one hundred and thirty five Bosch Car Service Centers (BCS) around Australia. The network provides Australia Wide Warranty on all parts and service.
Sudheer Kumar starting his career with Holden, Nissan, Suzuki, Jeep and Proton vehicle in dealership and going through all the necessary training across the Automotive industry as well as gaining Euro vehicle training in Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Ceat bit of hint BMW
Accreditation training achieved through these 2 years of running the Bosch car service.
After successful start to the business, Armstrong Creek Motors rapidly introduced Air condition Re-gas and repairs (RTA: AU55951) in 2022. Armstrong Creek Motors successfully achieved the Roadworthy License (LVT: EX12263) to serve the customers across the Geelong and Surf Coast area. We uphold the promise TO NOT compromise the safety of customer vehicle and follow the strict guidelines set by Vic Roads Secretary.
Armstrong Creek Motors has been a member of BCS for over two years and in that time our staff has been involved in many training sessions, run by the Bosch training arm in Melbourne. Training included; Ignition Systems Diagnosis; Petrol and Diesel Direct Injection; On-Board Diagnosis; and many more. This is an ongoing process of being part of Bosch – we need to keep learning to maintain our knowledge base. The auto industry is changing very rapidly and computers and electronics are taking over. Bosch designs, manufactures and supplies over 50% of the market to the automotive manufacturing industry. Chances are your car is controlled by Bosch ECU systems. Armstrong Creek Motors, being in the Bosch network, knows how to talk to them.
When we service your car; where possible, we use quality Bosch products as an Original Equipment (OE) replacement item. In the brake area, Bosch has a range of brake pads and rotors especially formulated to suit your car. At occasions the same pad composition does not suit a Mercedes and a Camry; therefore, Bosch supply pads to suit each individual vehicle’s requirement – we use Bosch pads and rotors on your car.
In the near future we also aim to install an electric vehicle charging point and purchase an electric vehicle service and maintenance licensing for our business.
We look forward to receiving you and your car in our “State of the Art” facility.

Come and check us out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

With friendly environment in the workshop, we are committed to give you the best possible customer service, so if you looking for the professional, trustworthy mechanic around Geelong or Surf coast region who does all under one hood. 

Give us call you wont be disappointed that s Bosch promise for you. 



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