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Timing chain/belt, Engine replacement or recondition

There is old saying “timely replacement of timing belt or chain could save your engine” and keep your vehicle going without hassle.
As experienced mechanics in various timing belt or chain replacement let us give you brief idea about timing belt or chain

Difference between timing belt and timing chain?

Timing chain – metal based chain run with different guides and run through oil pump and bores. Which keep valve open and healthy emissions? Usually timing chain does not require maintenance unless your vehicle affected after long run. It can stretch and cause multiple cylinder misfire or implausible correlation between camshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor. Typical symptoms of stretch timing chain code will be p0011, p0008 and p0009 universal codes in pretty much in every car.

Now next basic question comes to mind how much they cost when they need replace?

Depends on the vehicle it could start from $1500 to $3500

Can I watch some YouTube videos and replace myself?

Big No wrongly placement of parts could cause valve hitting pistons and snap the internal engine part lead to disaster.

Timing belt – A rubber based part outside engine which need timely maintenance set by manufacturer. Over time numerous advanced technology evolved to save emission as clear as possible one of the greatest achievement is VVT variable valve timing and god know what in future. Improper maintenance or no replacement of timing belt could develop crack and snap causing the engine failure in the middle of driving resulting ceasing of engine no turn,

So what we can do about it, we here at Bosch Car Service – Armstrong creek Motors we have team of knowledgeable mechanics who been constantly trained by Bosch training centres and also protected by huge network of different suppliers including our own Bosch brand use quality timing belt and chains replace them for you at affordable rates. Yes, they are bit expensive to change but definitely not worth it leave like that before its too late.
Where we provide service areas?

Surf coast
Barwon heads

Have you realised that your vehicle engine timing chain or belt is compromised and can’t find mechanic immediately, Give us call on 0342060208 and find out what we can do, don’t stress we will fit you as quickly as possible if we cannot we may give you replacement car(depend on availability) for affordable rates and let us take care of your vehicle.

Had a breakdown? Everyone you call is busy cannot fit you in? Well we are not promising that we will do straightaway but surely we can take your vehicle and you possible fixing time.

Our team have experience in various models and vast experience in the below vehicles but not limited to

Volkswagen             Kia

Toyota                     Audi

Subaru                    Holden

BMW                       Nissan

Chrysler                  Hyundai

Jeep                       Mitsubishi

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