Coolant Repairs

Vehicle leaking coolant?

Sometimes it could be very embarrassing that coolant hose can split up in the middle of intersection causing splash of coolant on exhaust releasing Smoke, turning your day in to disaster.

Let’s gain basic knowledge coolant most of the customers have couple of questions

what is coolant leak?

Can I top up with water instead of coolant?

Coolant system keeps the engine in normal operating temperature usually between 80 C to 120 C. Simple leaks or major leak can disturb or rise the temperature causing overheating of engine leading to head gasket blown, however improper maintenance or constant topping up of water will damage the internal coolant system jackets of engine, rust build-up and become too late for repair. . In overtimes, you will see your vehicle will towed to car removals because it’s no use to replace engines in some models, which no one like to do that.

Not a smart move to leave the coolant leak for a while, its good idea to constant renewing of coolant flush depending on vehicle can keep the hoses, gasket and seals in good condition;

Get your coolant system checked regularly and get replace constantly. Speak to our team of mechanic at Armstrong creek motors who is national franchise of Bosch Car Service a vehicle repair shop located in Grovedale serving Geelong, Torquay, Armstrong creek and regions. For those who need replacement vehicle (coolant leak breakdown) as most of the customers depend on the vehicle for daily work. Ask us we have 2 loan cars for the hiring at very affordable rates.

What happens if I put water in coolant? Simple answer is BIG NO…

Coolant(anti-freeze) is special poisonous additive which have specific boiling point and freezing point to maintain the internal engine components healthy – Anti-freeze

Water in other scenario, makes the internal engine components rusty and cause all the hoses seal to crack open and more importantly water evaporates quickly and freeze at 0 C – and rust the internal Components

Sometimes you may think “it’s nothing we can change coolant very easy in the backyard”… You are not alone everyone does… our trained technicians at Bosch Car Service will do that coolant repairs leak for you safely at affordable rates. Simple things sometimes can lead to big jobs, improper bleeding will cause engine to blow without doubt. Leaking coolant also one of failure cause during roadworthy inspection, as we like to keep Vic-Roads in perfect safety use for everyone including yourself.

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Suspension repairs

Before we jump right into subject suspension and related bushes let me give you brief idea about the suspensions parts basic knowledge

#Control arms                #Sway bar                  #springs
#Ball joints                  #Engine mounts           #strut link pins
#Shocker strut            #Trailer arms                #Dampers

The most important need of the above items in your vehicle to keep car stability, traction not roll over during accident. – To keep it simple

Reasons for the suspension bushes need to be replaced

  1. Cracked bushes or damaged bushes, overtime because of excess movement (irregular driving condition) in ball joints could disturb the wheel alignment and wear the tyres pretty quickly than general wear. Get your vehicle inspected today at your local Bosch Car Service – Armstrong Creek motors
  2. Shocker strut bearing damage or shockers leaking causing sagging feeling which is quite scary during wet conditions
  3. Engine mounts although easily detected by heavy vibration or knock banging noised during start-up or idling conditions.
  4. Sway bar links usually gets cut off in situation and surround components damage.

Take a tip from the best mechanic of Geelong, who has lot of support from repudiated franchise Bosch Car Service. Every service we do multiple vehicle safety inspection checks which covers all the safety items of vehicle, we also offer winter, spring wear check for brakes suspensions and tyres. Next time you think about your vehicle safety, think Bosch Car Service or call us on 0342060208 and have a safety inspection done on your vehicle.

For rwc check, coolant leak is leading cause of failure for the inspection report

Choose your next vehicle safety inspection with Bosch Car Service – Armstrong Creek Motors and feel the peace of mind with hassle free ride.

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