Annual health check-ups keep us in good health, right? Well the same goes for our vehicles. Frequent diagnostic tests can identify minor issues with cars before they turn into major issues and cost us a fortune, or even worse: cost us our safety. Out of the technological developments made in the field of automotive, one of the most beneficial advancement for both the consumers and technicians alike is the computerisation of a car’s components. Car diagnostic tools can quickly and specifically point out problematic areas in a car’s engine or elsewhere using specialised software. Usually when your car is facing such problems, the check engine warning light turns on. It may not mean much to you. You may even feel the temptation to ignore it. But don’t. It’s your car giving you a message. The next time your Check engine light is on, bring your car to Bosch car service – Armstrong creek motors, where our certified technicians will go through your vehicles entire diagnostic data-stream and identify the real problems that is causing the warning light to blink. Apart from highly trained and experiences mechanics, we also have fully equipped workshops and state-of-the-art diagnostic systems which identifies issues before they become major problems or safety hazards and improve the performance of your car to save you both time and money.

Facing issues, but no check engine light?

It may sometimes happen that there may not be a warning light but you notice that your vehicle isn’t performing the way it should. Or you may be facing the following issues- – Difficulty in starting the car – Low performance and slow or sluggish acceleration – Poor fuel economy – Engine misfires shakes or sounds “rough” – Intermittent or occasional stalling of the engine Any of these could be a sign that your car needs servicing. Bring in your car today at Bosch car service – Armstrong creek motors where we proud for having the best diagnostic and service team for early identification of faults and treating it to bring your automobile to its best performance. How often should a car undergo a diagnostic test? If you can feel something isn’t right, you shouldn’t wait for the check engine light to pop up to take your car for servicing. However, a car should undergo full diagnostic check-up at least once a year for maintaining and best performance level and smooth functioning.

What areas can be tested?

Diagnostic tests can reveal issues within a car’s engine, transmission, exhaust system, brakes, and other major components, as well as performance issues with the fuel injector, air flow and coolant, ignition coils, and throttle.

Give us a chance

At Bosch car service – Armstrong creek motors we also offer a variety of services and repairs, including alignments, brakes, smog inspections, oil changes, complete engine repair etc., in addition to expert diagnostic testing We have a team of best mechanics across Geelong, Armstrong Creek, Torquay, Surfcoast and Ocean groove and Regional Victoria, who are confident working with all major vehicle brands, with affordable mechanic charges. So the next time you need automobile servicing in Geelong or Armstrong creek, visit us for the best car service experience Give us a call today on 03 42060208 to discuss your car’s needs, or book online  
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