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Being part of power train system, for the vehicle a transmission service is as important as Engine service. Most of the customers choose general service and lost the track record of their vehicle service where missing transmission service can cause catastrophic result or failure of transmission itself down the track.

Good thing your local Bosch Car Service is here to make too sure that’s not going to happen for you. Coming to most common questions

Transmission service cost? How much? So Much!!!!

I cannot afford!

Guess what you don’t want to afford is $7000 to $15000 of Trans cost down the road because of no maintenance.

Who can do transmission service?

Lot of question may fly in your head, Take a deep breath, Armstrong creek Motors trustworthy team of mechanics in Geelong who been serving Geelong, Torquay and surf coast regions are here to help you and your vehicle.

Next question

Who are you guys? Are you Genius?

No one is ….

But the difference is we have mechanics in every field that are connected as part of family network, who can resolve by getting constant training with advanced technology as the vehicle mechanics evolves every day.

What we offer is peace of mind and hassle free-rides

The cost of the transmission depends on the type of transmission and when manufacturers recommend at what kilometres.

  1.  Auto transmission with planetary gear system.

    Typically oil change and in some scenario AutoTrans- filter usual recommendation around 100k and above. Don’t miss the transmission service as it is highly recommend replacing at high kms. Avoiding the service, results burnt sooth oil typically shudders or gitters
  2. CVT transmission(continuously variable transmission)

    Highly recommend replacement every 60-70k, a CVT Trans does not need filter in most cases, however can cause very bad result by missing couple of services. So you own a vehicle with CVT transmission get in touch with transmission specialist locate in your local area none other than Bosch Car Service – Armstrong Creek Motors today.
  3. DSG transmission (Direct-shift Gear)

    A German technology usually found in all German vehicles VW, Audi Mercedes BMW and etc. Recommend replacement of oil every 30k service, Failure to do so can cause slips in transmission, heavy metal grinding and failure of no drive or reverse, these transmission are mixture of electronic control valve bodies and oil driven. 
  4. Manual transmission

    Mainly driven by oil pressure and gear shifter control, usually timely replacement of oil and clutch should keep this transmission forever. 

If you are facing any of the above mentioned symptoms, with your tranmision it would be a good idea to bring your car to us where our mechanics can take a look at it. Armstrong Creek Motors being franchise network of Bosch Car service and local mechanic based in Grovedale. We use and recommend Castrol high grade technology oils for transmission service and we also have support of transmission specialist who can figure internal oil driven issues, typical transmission programming based issues and so. Who are confident working with all major vehicle brands, with affordable mechanic charges.

Give us call to find out today to know more about transmission service and get in line first today before it’s too late. Armstrong creek motors vehicle repair shop in Grovedale are dedicated to provide the best service and serve the up growing community of charlemont, mount duneed and waralily.

Next time you need transmission service, book you appointment today before its too late under booking in the above items.

Remember a hassle free-rides and peace of mind is Bosch promise.

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