Do you know that faulty brakes and faulty clutch are the leading causes of road accidents? People in a rush often tend to skip brakes and clutch tests during their car servicing. But we can’t stress it enough: well-functioning brakes and clutch are vital for your safety on streets, and for others. 

So the next time you book your vehicle for servicing, do not forget to get your brakes and clutch tested. We, at Bosch car service – Armstrong creek motors, proud for having a team of the best mechanics in grovedale, who identify the issues with your car and treat them before they can cause dangerous road accidents. 

How often do brakes and Clutch need replacement? 

Heavy traffic wears out your clutch and brakes more than the open highway. So if you’re living in a city, or in an area with heavy traffic, it’s more likely that your clutch will wear out faster. 

Certain driving habits like frequent gear shifting also tend to accelerate the wearing and tearing of clutch and brakes. 

A clutch usually lasts between 60,000-100,000 miles, but its lifespan is highly dependent on the level of use, wear and tear. So it’s good to get your clutch tested every 60,000 miles. 

On the other hand, brake pads are generally thought to be good from anywhere between 30,000-35,000 miles. However, there are certain driving conditions and habits which can cause early wear and tear of brakes.  When it comes to brakes, you can never be too careful. So it’s good to get your brakes tested between every 10,000 to 20,000 miles. 

If you are facing any brakes or clutch issues, give us a call at (03) 42060208 or Book Online. Armstrong creek motors can take care of all your service and repair needs. Apart from highly trained and experienced mechanics, we also have fully equipped workshops and a wide range of spare parts to carry out all aspects of brake repair and replacement. 

Signs you need a clutch replacement  

  • Slipping gears, causing temporary loss of acceleration
  • Burning smell when accelerating from a stop
  • Grinding sound while shifting between gears
  • The clutch pedal stays near the floor or feels soft when pressed (for manual transmission vehicles.

Signs you need to replace your brakes. 

  1. Squeaking or Squealing Coming from Brakes. 
  2. Grinding sound when applying brakes.
  3. Vibration when applying brakes. 
  4. Longer stopping distances. 
  5. Handbrake requires more than 5 clicks to be effective.
  6. ABS warning lights coming on
  7. Brake pedal sitting too low or feeling ‘spongy’

Visit us for your next brakes and Clutch service

Our Clutch and brakes service includes: 

• Brake disc, brake drum, and flywheel machining

• Replacement of brakes

• Full ABS servicing

• Calliper rebuilding

• Brake hose replacement.

We have a team of the best mechanics across Geelong, Armstrong Creek, Torquay, Surfcoast and Ocean groove, and Regional Victoria, who are confident in working with all major vehicle brands, with affordable mechanic charges. 

So the next time you need vehicle repair shop in Geelong or Armstrong creek, visit us for the best car service experience

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