Did you know that Tire related issues are one of the leading causes of car accidents all over the world? About 35% of accidents that are caused by mechanical failure are related to tires. 

While the statistics are really shocking, I hope it doesn’t make you question yourself if you are taking good care of your car’s wheels.

Well if the answer is “no”, now would be a good time to start. Cuz when it comes to road safety. We like to say “a stitch in time saves a lot of lives.” 

It’s completely true and wheels and tyres are one of the most neglected parts of the vehicles, when it comes to servicing. While taking good care of you wheels not only adds up to the safety of you and everyone else on the streets, it also increases the efficiency and smooth functioning of your vehicle. 

What causes the wear and tear of tyres?  

There are a number of causes for wearing of tyres and wheels ranging potholes and bad roads to uneven weight distribution of vehicles. It is thus very important to maintain proper air pressure in the tyres and check for foreign objects on the surface that may puncture it. 

Our experts help maximizing your car’s efficiency and safety by offering a range of wheel care services. Our specialised workshops are equipped with the latest technology and equipment to help to detects faults with your automobile and fix them. 

Proper care of wheels ensures- 

  • Safe and smooth drive
  • Durability of wheels 
  • Major savings on your fuel. 

Wheel alignment- 

Proper wheel alignment ensures that all your wheels are pointing in the same direction and thus ensure the least amount of wearing out for your wheels. It keeps individual tyres from pulling outwards or pushing on the vehicle and eases pressure on the suspension system for better and safer handling.

Signs that your car needs wheel alignment-

  • Uneven or rapid tyre wear
  • Steering wheel being crooked while you’re driving straight 
  • Noisy steering 
  • Pulling to the right or left 
  • Squealing tyres 

Wheel balancing- 

As tyres grow old, their weight distribution becomes uneven. These unevenly balanced wheels cause vibration to the vehicle and shorten the life of tyres, bearings, shocks and other components. 

Regular wheel balancing is a must for all vehicles as the tyres are constantly wearing out. 

Signs that your car needs wheel balancing- 

  • Unusual noises 
  • Wobbly handling 
  • Vibration while driving 
  • Uneven pressure

Tyre Rotation- 

The weight of any vehicle isn’t perfectly distributed. If you were to leave your tyres at the same position it will obviously lead to uneven wearing of the tyres. Tire rotation is the practice that involves your tires being periodically moved to different positions on the vehicle so that they wear out evenly. 

Signs that your tyres need to be rotated-

  • Tires wearing unevenly
  • Your vehicle is vibrating more than usual
  • Your tires are losing pressure more quickly than they should

 If you are facing any of the above mentioned symptoms, it would be a good idea to bring your car to us where our experts can take a look at it. 

We have a team of best mechanics across Geelong, Armstrong Creek, Torquay, Surfcoast and Ocean groove and Regional Victoria, who are confident working with all major vehicle brands, with affordable mechanic charges. 

So the next time you need automibile servicing in Geelong or Armstrong creek, visit us for the best car service experience.

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