Armstrong Creek Motors

Bosch Car Service offers professional, trustworthy work on all the services below

Battery Replacement

From simple replacement to vehicles needing coding
and registering of batteries.

Engine Diagnostic

Being members of Auto Data and using the latest scan
tools gives prompt diagnosis…


Armstrong Creek Motors Bosch Car Service is proud to
offer professional and.

Brakes and Clutch

We do our own on car machining of rotors and use Bendix disc pads…

Full Wheel Servicing

Fitted and balanced, quality, good wearing, quiet running with correct load and speed…

Delivering Service Excellence

For Everything Your Car Needs.

What clients say about us
Very professional and experienced staff. Kumar is an experienced mechanic. Recently did my car servicing, Economical pricing and timely delivery. I recommend this car service and would definitely use his services again.
Raju Kada
Google Reviews
Excellent service provision, highly professional, and accommodating of my requirements, I have already rebooked for some minor work that was identified as part of the brake replacement. Bosch Car Service Geelong is outstanding.
Audi Q5
Very professional, value for money, and most importantly they did not go over the promised price ( it never happened before with any other car techie ) Delivered my vehicle on time and the communication was very good.
Anthony Kommareddy
Google Reviews