– Bosch Car Service 12months nationwide warranty applies to new service parts only.
– Used parts from our trusted supplier do not cover any warranty or refunds after we hand over the vehicle in your care.
– In some circumstances, we give 12months fitting labor warranty, no money is refunded on behalf of spent labor.
– No loses or tow truck charges will be paid in the event of vehicle failure. Please make sure your vehicle has roadside assistance.
– For new parts warranty claims only, there may be long waiting approval process. Depending on availability, hire car can be provided at your own expense.
– In the event of engine failure after the service, it has to be proven that we are at fault by testing our products used for service in your vehicle in laboratory.
Scenario 1- Tested positive we will cover the fault and all the above warranty policy are same as mentioned.
Scenario 2- Tested negative we will charge you for testing process and no refunds or warranty.
– Engines internal failure for improper maintenance, manufacturing defect are still in existence outside warranty period, the data is available for public, for those engines no warranty or refunds after a service is carried out by Armstrong Creek Motors
– By paying the invoice, you agreed to the above terms and conditions and received the service from Armstrong Creek Motors who is national franchise network of Bosch Car Service
– We strictly follow the above terms and conditions and continuously provide the quality service.
– We create friendly environment around our workplace to ensure high standards and safety, therefore any threats, heated arguments are not allowed in the workshop. If you believe, you have reason for disagreement, please contact us through email and you will be responded promptly.
– Authorities will be notified in the event where we feel a potential threat to the company or a staff.
– Neglect or abuse, vehicle damage, alteration or touched by another mechanic without our written consent will void the warranty and NO REFUNDS will be issued.

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